Non Voice Process


Html / Xml Tagging.

In today’s digital business world, organizations use Mark-up languages to deliver better value to their customers. These Mark-up languages enable you to create, store, manage and deliver information in the structured electronic format. At Data Outsourcing India, we help worldwide clients in preparing and managing valuable business content for electronic distribution. Our professionals can convert paper or electronic based input files into popular mark-up languages including XML, SGML, XHTML and HTML.

Our xml, sgml, xhtml and html conversion services are designed to support organizations engaged in improving their document management processes. Our specialists not only convert your data, they offer you suggestions for database design improvement and simplifying your entire process of document management. We provide a complete range of XML, SGML, XHTML and HTML conversion services which gives you access to consistent, tightly structured, highly accurate databases. To enhance the ease, reliability and speed of your databases, we thoroughly examine integration issues and fix them beforehand.


PDF Conversion Services

In a world driven by rapid exchange of vital information, business process efficiency hinges upon document management that includes the quick and easy conversion of documents from one form to the other. The Portable Document Format (PDF) has emerged as the format of choice for document conversion. PDFs can be easily generated from receipts, invoices, bills, images, word and excel documents, html, xml, etc. Documents in this format can easily be stored, transmitted and published and is easy to use. Companies find it easy to produce their marketing material in the PDF format, for the above reasons, as they can be easily disseminated everywhere.

However, carrying out PDF conversion of thousands of documents, in house, can be a cumbersome, laborious, and time consuming process. Moreover, it may require more personnel for the task, than can be afforded by the company, leading to wasteful use of time, money, and manpower. In addition, expensive technology and expertise are needed.

A great way to reduce costs and achieve efficient and accurate PDF conversion is to outsource this non-core activity to an experienced and competent document conversion service provider. MANOSA has the expert staff, the technology, and the experience to deliver customized and efficient pdf conversion services for your company.

E-Book (E-Pub 2/3, Kindle, Amezon)

MANOSA Delivers A Comprehensive Selection of eBook Conversion Services

At MANOSA, we take advantage of our vast expertise to provide the greatest level of convenience for our clients. Our eBook formatting services can transfer content from any electronic or physical sources into a range of different any form of eBook.

We Guarantee the Highest Quality eBook Formatting Services

At MANOSA, we value our clients’ data and assure that we perform conversion with the greatest emphasis placed on quality and accuracy. We operate using the Double Entry System, where the same data is entered by two different operators. This helps us identify and correct any discrepancies with output. Our team of highly skilled professionals undergo onerous training to ensure they have the skills to consistently deliver the best results for our clients. Our eBook conversion services include:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Paper-works
  • Brochures Reports

Data Entery

MANOSA is an experienced offshore data entry company with well-trained, data entry experts, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy in data entry. With the help of our data entry India team, our offshore services will help you achieve significant cost-savings of over 40% and make data entry outsourcing affordable.

MANOSA incorporates best-in-class technology to automate the data entry process, by implementing OCR and ICR technologies as part of its data entry solutions. We currently handle over 280 million documents a year.

Document Scanning

If you deal with paper documents on a regular basis, you will know how space consuming they can be, especially when stored in large quantities in bulky filing cabinets. This also causes issues with finding and extracting the information you need resulting in a drawn out process which can affect the productivity of your office. MANOSA offers document scanning for all types of documents no matter how big or small the project, we can help.

You might be looking for document scanning services for a number of reasons:

  • Your office may be overrun with documents, files, boxes and filing cabinets.
  • You may be looking for a solution to tighter deadlines and stricter budgets.
  • You may be struggling to find the information you need fast and accurately.
  • You may be looking for a compliant solution to your document management issues.
  • You may want to streamline work processes and improve workflow.
  • You may want to achieve a paperless office or work towards Activity-Based Working (ABW).

Whatever the reason, MANOSA can help. We utilise high speed, industry standard scanners to produce top quality scans in a quick turnaround. Our document scanning service can digitise from a small pile of documents, folders and ring binders to large bulk archives with loose pages, envelopes, receipts and post-it notes.

If you are interested in our offering, please contact us and we will be happy to Schedule A Meeting and discuss further.